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There is a famous saying “When is it Open source, it is about saving money”. Is it really so? We at Fortune4 don’t really think so. Open source is not about saving money but building any kind of applications with high speed and with top notch quality components. When we think of open source we think of widespread support from community associated and lesser licensing restrictions. Nowadays, looking at agility of businesses and faster moving marketplaces quality that can provide value to customers is open source. The ability of open source technologies to create application quickly, economically and reliably is attracting all big as well as small customers towards open source. Some key points about Open source are: Open source applications are cost effective We believe that as business progresses for any Small or large organizations, they need to concentrate on their core offerings. We make them concentrate on their production and content than building technology solutions to support their production and administrative operations. Enterprises have always customized packaged software such as ERP and CRM applications. These packages are quite expensive to build and also to maintain. Open source improves quality of applications Open source community has long contended methodology which produced better quality of applications. Their reasoning on problems are well enough for solving them. If there are flaws on code the developer community can identify and address the problem quickly. Open Source applications gives agility to businesses Open source gives their developers an edge over with the ability to react to marketplace demands quickly by speeding up pace of software development. Open source gives us more flexibility when we release updates more frequently towards product development. There is a high correlation between cloud based software and open source software because both provide scalability and flexibility to organizations.

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