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Social networks, take an example of Linkedin a preferred network by all professionals. But Facebook is pulling majority of the crowd for hunting a job. Many surveys shows that Job seekers which includes recent grads and professionals find their jobs by searching on Facebook.

When you go to either Twitter or LinkedIn, you look for a job, wheres on Facebook, people whose friends are already in your circle of trust would often reach out to you for a new job opening. One of the merits for going to a college is the networking opportunity, especially when you think of all those entrepreneurs who are the founders of Instagram, Facebook, or Microsoft.

Close friends would know your interest and hobbies, Career goals etc. They would be knowing your personality as well. In the other sense you have already bypassed the HR of the organization. Networking is the best possible tool available for job hunting on social platforms.

A note to individuals who can’t have impressions to think out of box start creating Facebook page start looking for your friends.

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