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Nowadays, Managing increasing workforce in corporates has becoming a huge challenge. Microsoft Sharepoint, for some of the people it is a huge system where for some it is modules at right time and right place.

Sharepoint is a enterprise level business collaboration platform which can be used internal as well as external to the organization. It helps in delivering best productive experience. Cuts cost to a significant level with a unified architecture within organization’s infrastructure.

A service platform is providing core facilities like Application design, application development, Testing, Deployment and application services like team collaboration, web service integration, database integration, security, persistence, versioning etc under one roof. Sharepoint dramatically changed traditional software architecture to modular plug and play system.

Sharepoint provides various benefits to the organization like software reuse, better alignment of business resources at lowered cost and agile development cycles. Service platform provides an organized way to manage your system both technically as well as managerially.

Technically it provides following features,

  1. Settings (Configurations in one place)
  2. Web service provisioning
  3. Database provisioning
  4. Service discovery
  5. Integrated round robin load balancer
  6. Claims based authentication
  7. Backup and restore

Managerially it provides following features,

  1. Central administration UI
  2. Permissions management
  3. Powershell

With these powerful and systematic collaboration features sharepoint has become popular in the world of corporates.

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