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Global economy is majorly driven by digital revolution, an organization’s growth is majorly dependent on how well they are with the digital technologies. Connectivity has become an oxygen for modern life. The digital revolution is mainly because of revolution in Mobile industry.

When you consider mobile revolution it means every user is owning a mobile and using it oftenly against daily life challenges. Smartphone users are increasing exponentially worldwide and are consuming or generating more and more data. Mobile devices and on-the-go data connectivity has become inevitable part human life.

Change in technology in mobiles has given a rise to individuality, Customer empowerment and accessibility. Old and new businesses have accepted that mobility is a new style in business and is active accelerator for future of Economy. Most of the digitally literate people are at risk of losing out as education and attitudes of employers change too slowly, while youth unemployment remains rigidly high.

We are now arriving at a Digital revolution, which will be largely driven by mobile industry, innovation in Social media and much more.

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