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About Goal Sketch

Miller and Cambridge is specialized consulting services and expert solutions exclusively in the field of human capital management. They advise a majority of the top 50 Indian multinationals on Expatriate Reward Design & Delivery, Global Mobility Policies, HR related Market Research on New Geographies, Human Resource Policies & Audits, and Human Resource Strategies.


  • Miller and Cambridge wanted an innovative solution to portray an individual’s career as a graph for betterment of recruiters as well as for candidates.
  • They coined this term called as “Goalsketch” as it is easy to recall.
  • They required a system to be built which will be working as per their requirements like tracking user’s career, maintaining profile, building resume etc.


  • We presented Miller and Cambridge with a system architecture for this unique idea of them along with a mind map for user while handling such system.
  • The system is designed in such a way that the end user usability is taken at top on it.
  • Colors used in the system are selected such that they would be having easy brand recognition.
  • The system is then promoted as “India’s largest Professional learning marketplace”.
  • Goalsketch helps you create, map and achieve your goals, setting a straight path for you to achieve.


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