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About Eventsbowl

Eventsbowl is a US based startup. It is for anyone organizing or attending an event. People everywhere are searching Eventsbowl for great events, venues and service providers.


  • There are many competitors in the field of Events aggregation. Eventsbowl wanted to position itself such that it will be able to compete and sustain.
  • It wanted to create a value addition over its offerings to gain major of market share.


  • Eventsbowl has been presented with a complete digital strategy to enter the market. Competitor’s analysis has been done so that eventsbowl can create a value addition.
  • A Creative strategy has been designed with latest market trends and keeping better user experience in mind.
  • A secure environment has been established with payment gateway for users with different profile types.



What we did

Counsultancy / Strategy / Social / Digital

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