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About CIEL

CIEL is a learning solutions company focused on competency building for the investments and financial services sector. Their approach to learning combines conceptual clarity with practical application. They offer computer-based self learning modules, instructor-led classrooms and a blend of both, supported by quizzes and exams.


  • CIEL approached us for development of mobile applications for their corporate users.
  • Mobile applications needed to be developed in a way that they must communicate with their API’s in realtime to fetch the registration data.
  • They needed payment gateway to accept payments for enrollment for learning.
  • Live notifications were required to keep users updated about their news, schedules and exam updates.


  • We proposed them Windows and Android based solutions for user registrations.
  • Introduced CCAvenue as Payment gateway solution and integrated their services to accept payments.
  • User profile creation has been carried out to maintain various records in regards to user.
  • Live notifications was implemented with use of GCM and WNS on both Android and Windows application.



What we did

Counsultancy / Strategy / Mobility/ Digital

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