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About Bookurclass

Bookurclass is an aggregator network of students and Faculties. It is the one stop shop for all your learning and adventure needs. It bridges gap between students and Faculties. Bookurclass has an unique idea of Learning management system online which is an upcoming trend in India. They are one of the first players to be of its kind it in market.


  • Bookurclass system is built with all good CMS features and functionalities that were desired but it was not able to compete with current emerging players in market due to lack in user friendly interface.
  • Security over transactions has been compromised at various places.
  • The portal has been hacked couple of times and the team was not sure of how to recover from this situation.


  • We have analyzed the existing system with our expertise for all errors the portal has and presented a report to the Bookurclass team.
  • Worked with them hand in hand having all possible knowledge transfer we have removed all errors in the system with adding additional security features.
  • We presented them with a new User Interface which is more appealing than old interface.



What we did

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