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We think differently about Software testing — more innovatively and holistically. Our experience delivering, leading, end-to-end testing services have taught us that. By adopting industrialized processes and infusing intelligence into delivery, organizations can reduce operational costs and improve application stability so that we go one step further. We work with them to improve testing productivity through predictive analytics, automation and industry specialization to drive quality throughout their application lifecycle.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a business imperative for all projects – new, large and long-duration engagements. Companies need to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of functional testing by focusing on accelerate and optimized testing.

Our functional testing methodology is well structured and easily adaptable. It introduces testing early in the software development life cycle (SDLC) to identify defects at the outset. We deploy the latest testing techniques and tools such as requirements profiling and validation, risk-based testing, model-based testing, automated test designing, orthogonal array-based test case optimization, pre-packaged domain-based scenario suite, and dynamic test planning and scheduling.

Digital Assurance

Digital technology is transforming the world and as a result, expectations of customers from businesses they interact with are constantly evolving. Today’s customers demand ‘anything-anytime-anywhere’ service with the best experience. They want new features in mobile apps and websites, quicker and faster. Even minor glitches in customer experience can cost enterprises their reputation and result in loss of business.

Our Digital Assurance solution addresses the multifaceted needs of digital transformation testing. We enable digital transformations by conducting comprehensive testing across your digital value chain and the entire digital ecosystem. The solution draws on our vast experience in the digital domain and leverages our value-adding elements such as reusable test assets and in-house suite of testing tools and accelerators.

Accessibility Testing

Global companies establish an online presence to increase sales and decrease their cost of operations. However, they are faced with several challenges while enhancing the usability and accessibility of their websites.

Our usability and accessibility testing and validation services enhance the usability and accessibility of content for websites, intranet or mobile applications. Our holistic approach to website development leverages user-centric design, development and testing methods. The independent validation and verification services ensure an enhanced customer experience, and compliance with regulations, industry standards, and guidelines.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing involves testing software applications to ensure they will perform well under their expected workload.
Load Test: Load Testing is a process to design and simulate usage traffic which can be used to test your application infrastructure for performance, reliability and scalability. The objective is to identify performance bottlenecks before the software application goes live.
Stress Test: Stress testing is the process of Testing your application under extreme workloads to determine its ability to maintain a certain level of effectiveness.
Volume Test: Volume Testing, as its name implies, is testing that purposely subjects a system (both hardware and software) to a series of tests where large amount of data in database being processed and monitoring the overall software system’s behavior is the subject of the test.
Endurance Test: Endurance testing refers to tests typically done to find out whether an application can can handle the expected load over a long period of time.

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