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Most of the businesses nowadays are looking for their presence on social and mobile platforms to work in more collaborative way. We at Fortune4 offers a bunch of services to support enterprise clients by strategizing their mobility approach. These help in exploring across new business models which improves their productivity.

With our expertise in mobility with international standards we help our clients build mobile business plans and their strategies to design mobility solutions to improvise customer value.

Strategy and Consulting

Mobile strategy comprise of planning a mobility approach for an organization, outlining business model and training customer about the same.

We at Fortune4 follow approach that is feasible in terms of cost and time.

  1.  Presentations for upper managements about the identified scope of requirements.
  2.  Planning training sessions with key stakeholders for better understanding of concept and workflow.
  3. Deliver applications with training workshops with further planning on progressive enhancements.
Mobility Solutions

Mobility is considered as most explorative innovation in technology world. Mobile devices are grown from just being an telephony to a personal need. Various services like business email, data on the move, Entertainment, Social media and most emerging Mobile commerce.

Mobility is the most effective way to reach out to your customers. We at Fortune4 provide solutions to our customers with following broad perspectives,

  1. On field productivity
  2. Enterprise collaboration
  3. Consumer applications
  4. M-Commerce
  5. Workforce automation
Insights & Analytics

We focus on getting best in industry data with following,

  1. Utilize existing mobile application data for deriving your information strategy from internal and external sources.
  2. Ensure about data management is done in sustainable and effective way.
  3. Enabling real time analytics for better decision making.
Enterprize Mobility

Mobility is most agile technology nowadays. Mobile devices have evolved just from providing email services to various applications and services that have high potential to change the way an organization works.

Mobility can effectively work in reaching out to your consumers efficiently to leverage on your contextual data. Organizations have unlocked the hidden potential of Mobility to help growing their customers more efficiently.

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